How Does a Calcium Phosphate Rinse Help Patients Who Have Dry Mouth?

How Does a Calcium Phosphate Rinse Help Patients Who Have Dry Mouth?
  • Jul 14, 2017

You’ve been to your dentist or physician, and they’ve determined your dry mouth can be relieved with an oral rinse. You’re prescribed NeutraSal by Orapharma, which comes in small packets. You are to mix the contents with one ounce of water, stir until clear, and rinse within 15 seconds. By mixing at the time of use, you’re getting the maximum amount of calcium phosphate without it evaporating.


But what is in NeutraSal exactly? How does calcium phosphate help a dry mouth? As Dr. Susan Cutler, head of medical affairs at Orapharma, explains, saliva is comprised of calcium, phosphate, bicarbonate, and sodium. Calcium and phosphate are what teeth are made of. 


“What we find is in patients who have dry mouth, they tend to have more decay and cavities. The calcium and phosphate help to remineralize the teeth,” said Dr. Cutler during a video interview. Because patients aren’t having the debris and plaque washed away from their teeth, they have plaque accumulation and that can often lead to halitosis and bad breath… [NeutraSal] replaces the ionic balance in the mouth. NeutraSal does not cure dry mouth, it doesn’t prevent dry mouth, but it does mitigate the symptoms and provide relief.”


Watch this video to see Dr. Cutler discuss xerostomia and the benefits of rinsing with NeutraSal. 

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