Can't Afford NeutraSal?

Can't Afford NeutraSal?
  • Sep 13, 2017

NeutraSal, a prescription oral rinse indicated for dryness of the mouth and dryness of the oral mucosa, can be available to patients at a reduced cost or zero cost through the Direct Access Program. Under specific terms and conditions, patients could have little to no copay costs with their commercial insurance, or if they don't have insurance, they can purchase the product in cash at a discount.

For copay assistance, patients should ask their dentist to complete the Prescription Referral Form, available through NeutralSal’s website, and submit a copy of their prescription benefits card. No registration is needed by the physician or patient, and patients will be qualified by a licensed pharmacy for prescription drug benefits. All medication will be shipped directly to the patient.

If a patient does not have pharmacy benefits, he or she may qualify for a free box of NeutraSal. Read more on NeutraSal’s website, and be sure to ask your dental care provider to determine eligibility. 

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